Santa Barbara T Fire (Santa Barbara Tea Fire). Montecito T fire in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara "T" fire updates - Friday 3:37pm

As of 6:15 a.m., County officials reported between 2,000 and 2,500 acres burned by the Tea Fire with approximately 100 homes destroyed. There have been ten injuries from smoke inhalation and three burn injuries - one of which was sustained by a firefighter and two by civilians. The fire is now being managed by a unified command, which currently includes units from Santa Barbara County, the City of Santa Barbara, the Montecito Fire Protection District, and the Los Padres National Forest. Terri Nisich, a County spokesperson, said that engines were also sent from Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo Counties, and that the unified command expects to receive nine helicopters and ten air tankers today.

Although a state of emergency has been declared by Santa Barbara County, there has been no declaration yet from the Governor's office. "We're certainly hoping for that today," said Nisich. "The governor is very familiar with our area. He was here for both Zaca and Gap." Officials have also expressed optimistic hope that calmer winds will prevail today, as yesterday evening's gusty winds did much to exacerbate the nascent fire.

Mandatory evacuation stands in the an area bounded on the north by East Camino Cielo, on the east by Hot Springs Road, and on the west by Tunnel Road (to Mission Canyon). The southern boundary of the evacuation area includes Alameda Padre Sierra from Mission Canyon to the roundabout at the Five Points, Barker Pass Road between the five points and Highway 192, and Highway 192 from Barker Pass Road to Hot Springs Road. Evacuation warnings were issued for the area east of Hot Springs Road, west of San Ysidro Road, and north of East Valley Road, the area east of Ontare Road, west of Tunnel Road, and north of Foothill Road, and the area bounded on the north by Alameda Padre Sierra, and on the east by Montecito Street (to Milpas), as well as Milpas to Anapamu, Anapamu to Laguna, Laguna to Los Olivos, and Los Olivos to Alameda Padre Sierra.

Shelter for evacuees is being provided by the American Red Cross at San Marcos High School, which is located at the corner of Hollister Avenue and Turnpike Road. 210 people were housed at the shelter tonight, and the space will be expanded for more evacuees throughout today.

This story courtesy of the Santa Barbara Independent

Santa Barbara fire fighters ask you to conserve water - Friday 7:56am

Because water reserves are low, crews fighting the Tea Fire announced this morning that they want Santa Barbara residents to use as little water as possible. Turn off your lawn sprinklers and keep personal use to minimum.

The Tea Fire is being estimated now at 2,000 acres with no official estimate for containment.

Firefighters are attempting to make progress in battling the fire in the narrow window it has to make a dent while winds have died down, with only the occasional gust. Santa Ana-type winds are expecting to kick up later this afternoon, however, and this could change the fire dramatically.

Santa Barbara residents and media outlets are doubtlessly waking up from a relatively sleepless night and wondering how the Tea Fire changed over the night. The Indy is awaiting any updates as to newly evacuated areas in the county. will update as soon as it hears of any. In the meantime, this is an unofficial but still helpful map of the area around the Tea Fire that was last updated at 4:40 a.m. based on pooled information from various area media.

This story courtesy of the Santa Barbara Independent